January 16, 2008

How Genuine is Ginuwine?

An October, 2007 report over the PRNewswire observed:
Ginuwine and his business partner, Michael Bourne, have cleared up their
differences and restored a solid relationship, the recording artist and his
attorney said Thursday. There is no pending lawsuit or liability, and work on a
new Ginuwine album will begin soon.

But my, how things change over the course of a couple months! Yesterday, the hip-hop artist (on Columbia records) Ginuwine filed suit in the Southern District of New York for alleged fraud and breach of settlement agreement by -- you guessed it -- Michael Bourne and related companies.

[Pa Pah Productions Inc; Elgin Lumpkin pka Ginuwine v. King Music Group Inc.; King Music Group LLC; M&A Holding LLC; Michael Bourne; Does 1-10. Case filed, 1/15/2008; Case no. CV-0391]

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