December 24, 2008

Warner's Hard Negotiation Tactics with YouTube

The Warner Music Group pulled all of its music from YouTube as negotiations over payment with Google's video site reached an impasse. Warner's move will affect its recordings as well as the songs it owns through Warner/Chappell Music.


First Sale Doctrine & MP3s: Bopaboo


A new digital music service is getting lots of attention for proposing to help consumers sell their used MP3s in much the same way people once unloaded second-hand albums.

Bopaboo has generated splashy headlines recently for coming up with what on the surface seems like a good idea. Music fans have always exercised their first-sale rights, which under copyright law, allows them to sell their unwanted CDs, tapes, and albums without permission from the copyright owner. Why can't they do the same with digital music?

Cnet article.

Van Halen 1982 Tour Rider: the Infamous Brown M&M

Van Halen's Legendary M&M's Rider

End of RIAA Litigation for Online File-Sharing?

"The recording industry plans to lay down its litigation offensive against music pirates in favor of a more PR-friendly, if not more effective, strategy. Instead of suing thousands of people for stealing tunes via the Internet, it will rely on the cooperation of Internet-service providers"

Article from the Wall Street Journal.

Use of Name On Compilation Album

From the Trademark Blog

Use of Artist's Name On Cover Of Compilation Album
DJ David Guetta sues re use of his name in connection with compilation album