January 14, 2008

EMI Sued for Alleged Poaching of Band from Indy

Beating OTCS to the punch is earthtimes.org, who today reported that indy label Victory Records sued EMI/Virgin in federal court (Southern District of New York) for alleged tortious interference with contract and business relations relating to platinum-selling band Hawthorne Heights.

The alleged inducement to repudiate the contract includes EMI providing $55,000 to the band to sue Chicago-based Victory in 2006, and assistance in finding a litigator.

Victory seeks $10 mil. in damages, and another $25 mil. in punitive damages for "willful, wanton, and deliberate conduct." $35 million!

...all in all, not a good day for EMI. Plus, the allegations likely leave many of the laid-off EMI employees wondering if that $55,000 could have gone towards their salary and/or figuring out a way to not have to fire people.

[** Update 1/15/08, 10:15AM: Victory Records Inc.; Another Victory Inc. v. Virgin Records America Inc.; EMI Music North America; filed, 1/14/2008; case no. CV-0314]

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