December 6, 2007

Even Madonna Has the Landlord Blues

Madonna - yes, Madonna - is suing her New York City apartment cooperative, the building's management company, and a neighbor for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and injunctive relief. The equitable relief seeks transfer of shares of the cooperative, currently allocated to Madonna's neighbor (Apartment 7-A) to Madge.

As Madonna merely filed a summons with notice, details to follow. In the meantime, any one with info (neighbors?) feel free to drop OTCS a line. This is a juicy Central Park West (Manhattan's Upper West Side) story!

[Madonna Ciccone v. One West 64th Street Inc. and its directors and officers (as they may be elected or appointed from time to time and hold such office); Midboro Management Inc.; Ganfer & Shore LLP (as transfer agent, for relief purposes); Julie Clark Thayer (as an interested party who property interests are affected). Filed New York Supreme Court, N.Y. Co. 12/5/2007; 07-604002]

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