December 4, 2007

Little Drummer Boys - Where You At?

As Chanukah, the festival of lights, begins this evening, OTCS began to wonder - who is writing holiday songs anymore? Yes, a variety of artists each year (without fail) will release holiday albums. Usually, these consist of covers of "classics". No doubt, the writers and publishers of such "classics" make a killing (not only do people buy these albums, but they are constantly broadcast an played IN PUBLIC - triggering other copyrights).

So OTCS wonders - why don't more writers and publishers take a stab at "hit" holiday songs, ones that transcend this years holiday season and go on to the next? Surely, its a gold-mine. Imagine having YOUR song played in every mall, office lobby, and toy store for one month each year. You'd make a killing!

So, OTCS invites all aspiring authors of holiday compositions to post their songs for OTCS first annual "Little Drummer Boys - Where You At?" Competition (it's a working name...)

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