March 5, 2008

Real Estate Issue in EMI's NY HQ

Though certainly not the Capitol Records Tower in LA, anyone who's ever been to EMI's New York offices at 150 Fifth Avenue knows what a unique structure the building is. Even if you've never been to the EMI offices, a quick glance at the back of any EMI album (e.g., Virgin label) lets you know where their USA headquarters are.

So, it was with great curiosity that OTCS found this law suit filed in New York Supreme Court, N.Y. County over ground-level leased space in the EMI building: JPMorgan Chase Bank seeks a declaratory judgment declaring that the bank is not in default under a lease at 150 Fifth Avenue, and further, the bank is not required to complete alterations to the bank located there.

See New York CPLR 3001, 3017(b).

Of course, the lawsuit doesn't appear related at all to the major label. But, its an interesting aside.

[JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. 150 5th Avenue Office LLC; filed 3/4/2008; No. 08-103312]

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