March 22, 2012

Andre 3000 Of Outkast Escapes Cartoon Treatment Case

McGee v. Andre Benjamin 3000, 1:08-cv-11818-DPW (D. Mass. Mar. 20, 2012) [Doc. 126].

This copyright action arises out of a treatment for an animated television series developed by Plaintiff Timothy McGee and unsuccessfully pitched to Defendant The Cartoon Network (“Cartoon Network”) in 1997. Nearly ten years later, Cartoon Network aired Class of 3000, which was co-created and co-produced by Thomas Lynch and Defendant AndrĂ© Benjamin. Alleging that Benjamin, Cartoon Network, and its parent company, Defendant Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. (“TBS”), copied his cartoon treatment, McGee filed suit against the defendants for copyright infringement and various state law claims. Defendants Cartoon Network and TBS have moved to dismiss, and McGee has filed several motions to amend the complaint and two motions to enforce an earlier discovery order. The court granted the defendants’ motion to dismiss and deny McGee’s motions