July 10, 2009

Reconsideration of Sanction Denied

Homkow v. Musika Records Inc., No. 04 Civ. 3587, NYLJ 7/10/2009 "Decision of Interest (SDNY June 18, 2009) (denying motion to reconsider).

The Court had adopted magistrate's report to sanction defendants based on plaintiff's hours "primarily spent dealing with, reacting to, and seeking relief from, the steady stream of misstatements from Defendants as to the location and status" of the Master tapes.

On reconsideration, the Court confirmed the Report's assessment. Moreover, Plaintiff'smonetary damages and copyright claims were predicated on Plaintiff's inability to recover the Master tapes. Thus, whatever attorney's fees Plaintiff incurred in pursuit of the monetary damages and copyright claims were as result of Defendants' failure to return the Master tapes as promised.