November 21, 2008

Rap Lyric Leads To Conviction/Prison

Georgia rapper Rico Todriquez Wright, age 25, was sentenced earlier this week to 20 years behind bars for aggravated assault after indirectly confessing to a 2006 shooting via a rap song.

The victim of a shooting two years ago, Chad Blue, informed authorities of a distant friendship with the rapper that resulted in a gunshot after Wright chased him and let off multiple bullets to his thigh and groin while an entourage surrounded the scene.

"I heard one of the men tell Rico, 'Go ahead and shoot him,'" Blue previsouly told jurors. "When he raised his gun, I knew I had to run. But I knew if I ran a straight line, I was dead. So I started weaving, running between houses, trying to avoid the bullets."

Despite Blue's testimony, it was the lyric "Chad Blue knows how I shoot," which secured a prison term for the rapper.

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