June 11, 2008

MP3Tunes Update

Back in November, 2007, OTCS did a posting on a copyright infringement claim filed against MP3Tunes. (Posting here.) At the time, our hypothetical questions were ignored. (OTCS takes absolutely no position on the merits of the case or defense.)

So, we hadn't heard anything until a Tipster dropped us a line today:

"...just completed oral arguments on jurisdiction for the company and [MP3Tunes CEO Michael Robertson personally]."

CEO Michael Robertson's take on the issue of his personal liability is available on his website. ("The Record Label Wants My Minivan"; June 11, 2008).

Thanks Tipster. Please let us know what the court finds (e.g., send us a copy of the decision).

[Capitol Records Inc.; Caroline Records Inc.; EMI Christian Music Group Inc.; Priority Records LLC; Virgin Records America Inc.; Beechwood Music Corp.; Colgems-EMI Music Inc.; EMI April Music Inc.; EMI Blackwood Music; EMI Full Keel Music; EMI Golden Torch Music Corp.; EMI Longitude Music; EMI Virgin Music Inc.; EMI Virgin Songs Inc. v. MP3Tunes LLC; Michael Robertson. Filed S.D.N.Y. 11/9/2007; 07 CV-9931]