May 28, 2008

Viacom v. YouTube - Answer

Though not a "music case" per se, we venture to link to the Defendants' Answer in Viacom v. YouTube. The outcome of this case, without doubt, will have a tremendous impact on the world of copyright and in turn, the evolution of the music business in the digital age.

In reading the Answer, note that Defendants take the rare step of providing an introduction Rather than merely admit, deny, or d.k.i, Defendants offer a glimpse at their theory of the case.

Note also that Defendants assert twelve affirmative defenses. Although this case is pending in Federal Court in the Southern District of New York, in New York State courts (and especially the Second Department), one sentence affirmative defenses bereft of any factual support are subject to dismissal. Here, the affirmative defenses are one sentence and completely bereft of any factual support. [New York practioners: if you would like case citations, shoot an e-mail to OCTS.) Would Plaintiff's lawyers pursue such a motion, or would it be a waste of time, especially if Defendants can file an Amended Answer?

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