March 25, 2008

Beatles Complaint Available

The complaint in Apple Corp v. Fuego Entertainment is available online. [Request a copy.]

Of particular interest is the FACTS section, which serves as a supplement to the vast library of Beatles history, and their early days at the Star Club in Germany.

Legal Counts:

  • Unauthorized Fixation and Trafficking in Sound Recordings (Injunctive Relief / Damages)

  • Common Law Copyright Infringement (Pre-72 Recordings) (Injunctive Relief / Damages)

  • Trademark Infringement (Injunctive Relief / Damages)

  • Federal Unfair Competition (Injunctive Relief / Damages)

  • Common Law Unfair Competition and Trademark Infringement (Injunctive Relief / Damages)

  • Federal Dilution (Injunctive Relief / Damages)

  • Dilution and Injury to Business Reputation (Injunctive Relief)

  • Unauthorized Publication of Name or Likeness (Injunctive Relief / Damages)
[Apple Corps Limited v. Fuego Entertainment, Inc. et al., No. 1:08-cv-20748-WMH (S.D.Fla. filed Mar. 21, 2008)]

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