February 28, 2008

RIAA Responds to California Joinder Ruling

In response to a California federal judge rejecting joinder of John Does 2-5 in a P2P suit filed by the RIAA, the RIAA has simply increased the number ofcases it files in California.

In the California Central District, for example, there were 19 cases filed on February 21, 2008 by the RIAA against individual Does, each numbered "1" through "19" in the caption.

Judicial economy?

[In no particular order...

John Doe # 16Case Number: 2:2008cv01181
John Doe # 4Case Number: 2:2008cv01157
John Doe # 14Case Number: 2:2008cv01172
John Doe # 18Case Number: 2:2008cv01190
John Doe # 7Case Number: 2:2008cv01160
John Doe # 2Case Number: 2:2008cv01155
John Doe # 17Case Number: 2:2008cv01182
John Doe # 11Case Number: 2:2008cv01166
John Doe # 19Case Number: 2:2008cv01192
John Doe # 13Case Number: 2:2008cv01170
John Doe # 8Case Number: 2:2008cv01163
John Doe # 9Case Number: 2:2008cv01164
John Doe # 1Case Number: 2:2008cv01154
John Doe # 10Case Number: 2:2008cv01165
John Doe # 5Case Number: 2:2008cv01158
Doe # 6Case Number: 2:2008cv01159
John Doe # 15Case Number: 2:2008cv01180
John DoeCase Number: 2:2008cv01156
John Doe # 12Case Number: 2:2008cv01168]

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