February 22, 2008

9 More DOE(s) Suits Filed by RIAA

OTCS woke up this morning with the Barenaked Ladies song "It's All Be Done" stuck in its head. Must have been a sign...

OTCS found the following nine cookie-cutter cases filed yesterday in various federal courts alleging on-line copyright infringement by unknown John Does accompanied by requests for leave to take immediate discovery.

Zomba Recording LLC et al v. Doe No 1 et al; M.D.Ala; case no. 3:2008cv00126; filed 02/21/2008.
UMG Recordings, Inc. et al v. Doe; N.D. Ala.; case no. 7:2008cv00310; filed 02/21/2008.
LaFace Records LLC et al v. Does 1-14; D.Ariz; case no. 2:2008cv00335; filed 02/21/2008.
Arista Records LLC, et al v. Doe; N.D.Cal; case no. 3:2008cv01041; filed 02/21/2008.
Artista Records LLC et al v. Doe #1 et al; M.D.Ga.; case no. 3:2008cv00018; filed 02/21/2008.
Arista Records LLC et al v. Does 1-3; N.D.Ill.; case no. 1:2008cv01066; filed 02/21/2008.
ARISTA RECORDS LLC et al v. DOES 1-18; S.D.Ind; case no. 2:2008cv00065; filed 02/21/2008.
Zomba Recording LLC et al v. DOES 1-15; E.D.Ky; case no. 0:2008cv00031; filed 02/21/2008.
Atlantic Recording Corporation et al v. Does; E.D.Mich; case no. 1:2008cv10728; filed 02/21/2008.

[Please verify accuracy of each case.]

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