December 26, 2007

There's Something About Remy - Which Might Cost Her Millions!

Violence in the world of hip-hop made its way to the Federal District Court, Southern District of New York with the filing of a $20 million lawsuit against Bronx-NY artist Remy Ma (and various other parties, including her label Universal). The suit alleges that defendants aided and abetted a violent promotion of the artist, leading to a violent attack (including a gun shot wound) to the plaintiff. Thereafter, defendants allegedly defamed plaintiff by accusing her of committing a crime leading to the violent/shooting incident.

Background information on the shooting-incident is available here (Wiki) and here (MTV).

The suit is mysteriously absent from Remy Ma's MySpace page - though, you can shoot her an e-mail and book her for an up-coming Bar Mitzvah...

[Makeda Barnes-Joseph v. Remy Smith pka Remy Ma; Remy K Smith pka Remy Martin; Remynisce Music Inc.; New Era Entertainment Inc.; Joseph Sherman aka Joseph Sherman; Jennifer Turner; Sure Shot Recordings Inc. aka Sure Shot Records; Chris Landry; Reach Global Inc.; Michael Closter; Street Records Corp. aka SRC; Steve Rifkind; Universal Music Group Inc.; Universal Music Investments Inc.; Universal Music Group Distribution Corp.; Douglas Morris; Universal Music Canada; Padell Nadell Fine & Wienberger LLP; Pop 3 LLC dba Pizza Bar; The Pizza Bar Inc.; Sasha Tcherekoff; Does 1-3. Filed 12/21/2007; case CV-11464 .]

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