December 19, 2007

Easy Listening

Yes, shocking as it may be, even world renown musical artists need someone to manage their business, financial, and tax services. Yesterday, Michael Bolton (and affiliated companies) were sued in New York Supreme Court (N.Y. Co.) for alleged breach of contract / failure to pay ($513,000.00).

[Executive Monetary Management Inc. v. Michael Bolotin aka Michael Bolton; Bolton Power Blues LLC; Bona Justitia Music Inc.; Is Hot Music Ltd.; MBO Productions Inc.; MBO Tours Inc.; MB Swings LLC; MB Swings II LLC; M Bolton Entertainment LLC; Montaigne Records LLC; Mr. Bolton's Music Inc.; Passion Films Inc.; The Passion Group Inc.; Passion Music Inc.; Passion Realty LLC; The Second Time Around LLC; Stowaways LLC; filed 12/18/2007; case 07-604128]

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