November 19, 2007

Sit Here Counting Crows

Another day, another BMI lawsuit for copyright infringement based on the public performance right.

The only thing of interest here is a named plaintiff: OTCS fav - Counting Crows. OTCS's can't help but wonder whether there is a a piece of Maria in every complaint that they sing?

[Broadcast Music Inc.; Songs of Universal Inc.; EMI Virgin Songs Inc.; Ken Adamay; Rick Nielson; Brad Carlson; Robin Zander; Tom Peterson; Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc.; Jonathan Siebles; Tony Fagenson; James Collins; Paul Simon; EMI Blackwood Music Inc.; Counting Crows LLC; Robert Kuykendall; Richard Ream Bruce Johannesson; Bret Sychak v. Gotham Yard Corp. d.b.a. Session 73; Peter Thomas; Hunter Hulshizer; Joseph Grillo. 11/16/2007; 07 CV-10373]

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