October 10, 2007

Mary J., Pay to Play

New York Law Journal reports (10/9) that Ms. Blige is not above the law. Blige and others were sued for copyright infringement by song-writer -- who happened to be co-author of the work with Blige's step-father. On the eve of the step-father's deposition, he transferred his rights to another defendant in the case, taking the position that one co-author cannot sue another co-author for infringement. ("Retroactive" transfer to infringer.) Sneaky...

...but no. The Second Circuit shot down the scheme.

If the Court had gone the other way, a giant loop-hole would have existed for successful artists/infringers to buy-out non-party co-authors, and in my humble opinion, defeating justice.

[Davis v. Blige, 05-6844-cv]

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