October 19, 2007

I'm Talking to the Man in the Mirror...

A bad day for 30 John Does, alleged to have “continuously used…an online media distribution system to download and/or distribute to the public certain of the Copyrighted Recordings.”

Plaintiff’s have attached a list of ISP addresses to help identify defendants, but still, could this be any more vague?

Loud Records LLC; Arista Records LLC; Atlantic Recording Corp.; BMG Music; Capitol Records Inc.; Elektra Entertainment Group Inc.; Fonovisa Inc.; Interscope Records; Laface Records LLC; Maverick Recording Co.; Motown Record Co. LP; Priority Records LLC; Sony BMG Music Entertainment; UMG Recordings Inc.; Virgin Records America Inc.; Warner Bros. Records Inc.; Zomba Recording LLC v. Does 1-30 [10/17/2007 07 CV-9291 ]

Not entirely clear why same attorney and same parties filed a VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL complaint against a single John Doe in Capitol Records Inc.; Arista Records LLC; Warner Bros. Records Inc. v. John Doe [10/17/2007 07 CV-9292]?

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