October 30, 2007

All Shook Up

Broadway, New York, New York. If OTCS can make it here, OTCS can make it anywhere!

This just filed in New York County (Manhattan) Supreme Court - a $14 million complaint for breach of contract in relation to a Broadway show entitled "All Shook Up". MERCY! (Can anyone confirm a prior Elvis musical on B'way called "Blue Suede Shoes?)

OTCS supposes this type of suit was inevitable after the successes (Jersey Boys) and failures (that J. Lennon musical that opened for about a month last year) of the rock-musical on Broadway.

[All Shook Up Limited Partnership v. The Promenade Trust; CKX Inc.; Elvis Presley Enterprises LLC; Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc.; Estate of Julian Aberbach; Susan Aberbach; Does 1-1010/29/2007 07-603581]

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